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Welcome to my website! These pages shall present me and my collection and may be an advice to all collectors or people who sell to the latter.

Please note that only parts of these pages are translatetd into english. With some of those I will proceed later, in others it simply does not make sense (like the diary).

Now have fun with my new homepage, all new and written with css.


If you whish to receive updates of my doings or just want to connect because you believe to know me, you may check out my creative accounts on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube or Reverbnation. Furthermore, for the people that are really resistant to mental pain, I installed a channel on Twitter.
But whatever you do, try to have fun!

Mal geologisch betrachtet
Beyond very recent and even more positive developments in my musical life I'd also like to draw your attention to my first book. Awrigt, it's German, but you should still buy a copy. Not only does it provide me with financial support, it also looks great in every book shelf and it even comes in a box that you can than use to store those other unused books in. Just click the picture to the left and enjoy!

guitar music <-= A click on the guitar gets you to my music.

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